The Academy


Stringendo School For Strings was founded in 2000 by Belen and Patrick Clifford.  The purpose of the school is to seek out and to train musically gifted students.  These students are held to an exceptionally high standard, both musically and personally.  We hold the belief that each student is capable of achieving greatness both on his or her instrument and in his or her character.  Patrick and Belen both feel strongly that God has given them a great responsibility and an awesome privilege to be able to make a positive impact in the lives of their students.  It is with great honor that they pass on what God has given them both musically and spiritually.


Stringendo School For Strings Summer Academy is a four week period in which a select group of approximately eighty accomplished young string players come together to work with some of the most sought after pedagogues, soloists, chamber and orchestral musicians in the world.


West Palm Beach is a dynamic city that combines location, growth and an appreciation for the arts. Incorporated in 1894, West Palm Beach is home to many museums, arts festivals, music venues and waterfront restaurants. West Palm Beach celebrates the laid-back lifestyle of living close to the beach while offering "big city" entertainments. 

Room and Board

Students are housed according to age and gender in air-conditioned dormitories on the campus of Palm Beach Atlantic UniversityPalm Beach Atlantic University Lassiter Student Center 's Residence Life Department manages nine residence facilities. Baxter, Weyenberg, and Oceanview Halls feature dormitory-style living. Rinker, Pembroke, and Johnson Halls feature suite-style living, and Towers, Lakeview and Campus Merit Apartments features apartment-style living. The bathrooms are shared by two, four, five or eight students.   Those who wish to live off-campus are responsible for making their own housing arrangements. Students eat their meals at the dining hall in the.  The board plan is available separately to those living off campus.