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Stringendo School For Strings, Inc. was established in 2000 by Belen and Patrick Clifford.  The purpose of the school is to seek out and to train musically gifted students.  These students are held to an exceptionally high standard, both musically and personally.  We hold the belief that each student is capable of achieving greatness both on his or her instrument and in his or her character.  Patrick and Belen both feel strongly that God has given them a great responsibility and an awesome privilege to be able to make a positive impact in the lives of their students.  It is with great honor that they pass on what God has given them both musically and spiritually.



Patrick and Belen have developed a philosophy that encompasses the physical, mental, psychological and spiritual aspects of being a performing musician and specifically a string player.  It is their conviction that by adhering to this philosophy and given ample time, each student will not only reach their utmost potential, but also become extremely proficient on their given instrument.  It will develop such skills as: a consistant work ethic, perserverance, critical thinking, and problem solving.  As the student progresses and realizes succes, it instills self esteem and self confidence, that carry over to other areas of their life.  The overall emphasis being that of developing and maintaining a Godly character in all that we do.



Stringendo School For Strings is a method developed by Patrick and Belen Clifford.  The emphasis is on knowing all aspects of string playing for the purpose of mastering the chosen instrument.  This is accomplished through the teaching and training of;correct methodical practice methods and techniques, and systematic application of Stringendo scale methods, Stringendo technical exercises, and Stringendo solfege/eartraining and music theory.