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Student Information
8:00            Solfege
9:00            Practice/Lessons
12:00          Lunch
1:00            Freetime
2:00            Orchestra/Quartet
4:00            Recreation
5:00            Parent Pick-up
Mornings consist of solfege classes, practice time and lessons. Students bring their own and we sit outside and eat at the tables in the courtyard.  The afternoons are spent in chamber orchestra, master classes, quartet rehearsals or coaching’s, and free time either in the gym or on the intramural field. 
Each student will receive a one half hour lesson with a faculty member each week. Students receive invaluable instruction in the areas of mechanical technique, musical phrasing, and artistic styles. Another important aspect of these lessons is receiving crucial feedback as to their own practice effectiveness and how well they are implementing and executing the instruction they are being given.
Junior Division
 group is age 7-12
Senior Division
The Sarasate Group is an intermediate level group age 13-22.  In addition to fundamentals of technique and practice technique, students at this level work on their listening skills, critical thinking skills as well as more advanced technique and repertoire.

Student Concerts

Faculty Concerts